General guidelines

  • We accept manuscripts (written in English) from anywhere in the world. But we do suggest that if you’re writing creative non-fiction, you might be better off approaching a publishing house where you live first.
  • We do not charge a reading fee for submissions – and we strongly suggest you never submit to any agent or publisher who does.
  • If you do not receive a confirmation from us saying that we’ve received your submission within 3 days of sending, please get in touch at, as something has gone wrong!
  • We only accept submissions sent to, or Please do not use any other email address unless specifically invited to.
  • Please stick to the submission periods.
    – Creative non-fiction: all year around
    – Chapbooks: January, April, July and October
    – Children’s and YA stories for our themed projects: within the dates given on the calls for submissions page.
  • We know you’re worrying about the cover letter. But no need! Here is a guide to exactly what we want.
  • If your submission does not meet our stated guidelines, or it is outside the scope of what we usually publish, you will receive a form rejection stating this. It does not mean your text isn’t wonderful: just that we can’t do anything with it!
  • If your submission is within the guidelines but is not something we want to take on, we will try to give you a short explanation. This is a service we try to offer to everyone, but it takes time and money. For these reasons, we cannot enter into discussions about our decision, but you are more than welcome to resubmit your text if you have edited it based on our comments.
  • If you want detailed feedback on a rejected manuscript, one of our freelance editors would be more than happy to offer this as a paid service once the submission process is over. This can be super helpful, and show you the strengths and weaknesses in your writing, but it does not guarantee you a publishing deal with us.
  • We are a newly formed, mostly volunteer-run publishing house, so we do not currently offer advances on royalties. We do, however, offer a really good royalty deal, author copies, a good discount for additional copies, and great follow-up and marketing.
  • If we like the first 3 chapters of your non-fiction or children’s literature submission and ask to see the rest of the manuscript, please be advised that this is not a guarantee that we will take the book on. We will, however, give you detailed feedback notes if we choose not to after requesting the full manuscript.
  • We only consider finished works, so please don’t submit until your text is ready. Don’t worry – we’re not going anywhere.
  • If you have any further questions about the submission process, send us an email at

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