Submission guidelines

Throughout the year, we accept submissions for diverse children’s and YA literature, our themed picture-book and YA projects, non-fiction and chapbooks.

Diverse children’s and YA literature

We accept submissions for diverse children’s and YA literature all year around. If we have an upcoming themed project where your work would fit right in, we might ask you to be part of it. Are you an illustrator? We are always looking for great illustrators to work with. More information here.

Themed projects

Every 3–4 months we start a new project which focuses on one ‘theme’ of diversity. Each themed project produces 2–4 picture books and collects short stories for a YA anthology. Check back soon for our next project! For each themed project, there will be a submission package available with all the information you need.

Non-fiction (including creative non-fiction)

We accept non-fiction submissions all year round—for travel literature, biographies, memoirs, nature writing, and any other exciting genres related to these.


We accept submissions for chapbooks in the months of January, April, July and October, and we usually publish at least one chapbook from each submission period.

Here are our general submission guidelines.

And here is a handy guide to writing covering letters.

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