Calls for submissions

PLEASE NOTE: Ink & Locket is currently closed to ALL submissions, and will be until further notice. Please check back for updates, or sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know.


Our new project SHADES opens for submissions soon!

Diverse children’s and YA literature

We accept submissions all year around. View the submission guidelines here or, if you are an illustrator, your guidelines are over here.

Creative non-fiction

We accept submissions all year around. View the submission guidelines here.


We accept chapbook submissions in January, April, July and October (NOTE: October 2016 excluded).

8 thoughts on “Calls for submissions

    • Ink and Locket says:

      Absolutely! I will edit the text to reflect this later today, but yes! The interpretation of warrior is up to you =) We will divide the anthology into parts based on content, but so far it seems like “fantasy” “sci-fi” and “social justice” warriors will all be represented by great examples!


    • Ink and Locket says:

      Hey! For anthologies we buy exclusive anthology rights (or reprint rights if your material has been published elsewhere before) for 12 months after the first print run.

      For the children’s rights we operate on a fairly standard “World English” publishing contract with some modifications (mostly due to the fact that we are a not-for-profit, so we increase the royalty percentage every year the work is in print, for example). If you send us an email at contact(at) I will be happy to show you our standard contract.



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