End-of-year updates

If you follow us on any social media, you may have noticed it has been quiet from the Ink & Locket camp for a while. An unplanned move across the country and long-term illness has meant most of our projects have moved along slowly, and some have been put on hold. Here is an update on our current projects at the end of the year: 

An Unlock-it Guide to Grammar and Better Writing

The grammar book written by Lindsey Williams and M. Amelia Eikli is on its way! Our patient authors have now had their book postponed for over a year, but it will soon be out in the world, with cover art by Jonny Eveson. This funny and informative book will be published in 2018, exact date to be announced!

WARRIOR anthology Kickstarter perks

The perks from the Kickstarter have been fulfilled, with one exception. Getting this LGBT short story collection into schools and libraries has proved a bit more difficult than expected, and we’re still working on placing them all. We expect this to be completed early next year.

WARRIOR anthology stretch goals

The audiobook is not yet produced. There are a couple of reasons for this, but the most important reason is that we really want the voice actors to be members of the LGBT community themselves. As we are no longer London-adjacent, getting all the puzzle pieces to fit together is difficult, but we’re confident the audiobook will be smashing when it’s done.

The sponsored writing course spots for young underrepresented voices will be fulfilled by Storywelling in the first half of next year. We will start the application process in February – look out on our twitter and on this page for more information then!


Our submissions window will be closed until further notice.

From all of us at Ink & Locket Press, we wish you happy holidays, a nice and cuddle-filled winter, and an exciting new year!

The hardcovers are here! (And a note about mistakes)

Finally – after months of delays – the WARRIOR hardcovers are here, and they are gorgeous. We got everything we wanted: individual cover pages, a ribbon bookmark and a lovely storybook cover.

They will be sent out on Monday and Tuesday, and should be with the Warriors of the Rare Edition shortly. We’ve been told that it will be an estimated 10 days for our backers in the US, and 2-3 days for our UK backers.

Thank you so much to all of you that have rated the book online, and tweeted and talked about it. This makes us and our authors really happy, and we are so pleased to see how a community is developing around the anthology and the authors who contributed to it.

The hardcovers

In two weeks, we’ll also open applications for spots on the short story writing course that you generously sponsored places for. There are already people interested, and we are so thankful that you’ve given us the opportunity to do support more underrepresented writers.

A note on mistakes

As this part of the project has been so delayed, one of those involved has raised concerns about the author remuneration. Here, we have clearly done a poor job both in keeping our authors updated, but also in keeping the lines of communications open with our backers about what was holding up this reward.

We thought we would tell you a little bit about the mistakes we’ve made in this campaign and process:

When we set up this campaign, we wanted to split between the authors whatever was left when all our expenses (shipping, printing, distribution, production, etc.) were paid. Our thinking was that this would leave the authors with more money than a fixed sum would get them, and that paying all the expenses would be a relatively brief process after the close of the campaign. On the second point, we were wrong.

What we hadn’t accounted for was what would happen in the face of such serious delays or issues in the production. And a lot has happened! The paperback was delayed, the hardcover was delayed and then turned up with a printing error on the cover, the terms of the shipping estimate changed along the way, and then the size of the hardcover changed, shifting up the prices one more time. Suddenly, months passed, and we could still not give a better estimate for when our authors would get paid than “as soon as the hardcovers go out”.

After a while, we kept holding off on giving new updates (and what we felt kept being false promises) until we had received final information from our printers. And, as they were struggling with a production backlog of their own, we kept getting new updates about delays from their side.

We painted ourselves into a corner.

In hindsight, we should have paid out the lowest sum we thought the authors would receive for WARRIOR, and rather send out a “bonus” at the end of production. But, as we kept thinking the hardcovers would go out “next week”, we didn’t.

Now, the hardcovers are going out, which will give us the final sum for shipping, open the window to fix the terms for the audiobook and pay our authors. All our authors will receive their remuneration on May 20th.

We are really sorry for the stress and discomfort this has caused our authors, who have had to wait in uncertainty of when their payment would arrive. We would also like to apologise for the extra stress our lack of communication in the past two weeks has caused, and we wish we had handled this differently.

Here is what we will do next time to make sure this never happens again:

  • We will set a fixed sum the authors will receive upon completion of a successful campaign.
  • We will split and send out a “leftover bonus” once all the rewards have been shipped.
  • Next time, we will set a slightly more ambitious campaign goal, but use paid professionals where we can along the production chain to minimise the risk of delays on our end.
  • We will have proof copies of the work produced before the campaign is ready, so that everything is ready to go upon completion.

Thank you for all your patience and kindness in this process. We have told our authors today that all of these delays would have been disastrous if it hadn’t been for their patience, but the patience of our backers has also been phenomenal.

We are so excited for you to see the hardcover, and to give you more information about the audiobook this summer.

With gratitude,

Amelia and Antonica
Ink & Locket Press

Backer rewards and official release: WARRIORS out in the world!

WARRIOR on Kindle is now available for preorder! 

As we prepare to round off the last batch of Kickstarter reward shipments – the gorgeous special-edition hardcovers! – here’s the latest news on the WARRIOR anthology and its upcoming world release.

Kickstarter reward progress

Out in the world:

  • All backer paperbacks! If you’ve not yet received yours yet, it should be with you in a matter of days.
  • All backer ebooks and digital bundles!

Up next:

  • Special-edition hardcovers! We expect to ship these within the next week.
  • The audiobook! This will take priority once the remaining physical rewards have been fulfilled. We can’t wait!
  • The short-story writing course! Thanks to your support during the Kickstarter campaign, we secured 30 spots on an upcoming writing course for young marginalised voices. Course details will be released soon, alongside us opening applications for these spots. To be the first to know when applications open, sign up to our newsletter!

WARRIOR launch: 3 April

WARRIOR is right now available for kindle preorder, and will be available in paperback and ebook formats via Amazon from 3 April!

Text: WARRIOR, a collection of short stories: out 3 April

[Text: WARRIOR, a collection of short stories: out 3 April]

Join us on the day to celebrate the release! Tweet your friends and favourite bloggers using the hashtag #WARRIORantho to let them know these amazing stories are now available for all to enjoy!

Already read the book? We want to know what you thought! Did one story give you the shivers; did another inspire you to take on the world? Post your review on Goodreads to help spread the book to others and, come 3 April, be sure to review WARRIOR on Amazon, too! Writing a review on your blog? Send it our way – we’d love to share it with the world!

It’s been a rollercoaster getting this far, and we couldn’t have done any of it without you wonderful people. Thank you again for all of your support!

Amelia and Antonica
Ink & Locket Press

Presenting: The Unlock-it Guide to Grammar and Better Writing!

We are excited to announce the first of our upcoming Unlock-it series of non-fiction books:

Ink & Locket Press is proud to present
The Unlock-it Guide to Grammar and Better Writing!

Your friend in all things grammar

The book will be released on 12 June, available as an ebook and paperback. It aims to be an approachable yet detailed introduction to grammar and a helpful guide to better writing. It will offer easy ways to improve your writing, a guide to academic essays and papers, and a whole chapter on inclusive writing.

That’s right! In addition to clearing up once and for all when (and why) you should use ‘who’ and ‘whom’, the guide will provide tips on how to write inclusive copy, how to deal with teachers who won’t let you use ‘they’ as a singular pronoun, and why writing ‘trans*’ is more than just a matter of punctuation.

Meet the writers

This book is a creative collaboration between Lindsey Williams and M Amelia Eikli.

Lindsey Williams is a magazine editor and linguist living in London. She is also an active “internet person” who regularly tweets about food, books, social justice and happy dogs over at @pottermoosh. Does the username sound familiar? You may know her from her YouTube channel, where you can get a sneak preview of her love for language.

M Amelia Eikli is one half of the team behind Ink & Locket Press, a linguist, and a passionate creative-writing instructor. If you want a taste of her voice, you can find her over at her newly launched writing hub, Storywelling or on Twitter. She has been on just about every side of the publishing industry and has a passion for language that borders on the dangerous.

Are there any topics you hope the Unlock-it guide will cover? Let us know in the comments below!

The warriors are coming! (and other news)

A little behind schedule but raring to go, our twelve feisty warriors are now on their way to all of our paperback backers! The first arrivals might be spotted in as early as five days, so keep an eye out in your mail! Ebook backers, expect to get your hands on these fab stories by the end of the week to coincide with the paperback release.

Text: The warriors are coming! (and other news)

[Text: The warriors are coming! (and other news)]

If you have not yet answered the backer survey, please do so as soon as possible, or contact us on Kickstarter for help resolving any issues.

In other news…

The hardcover: We’re a bit behind schedule with the special-edition hardcover, but it’s looking fantastic so far and you’ll be seeing more about it soon! Perhaps there will be some previews to come in our newsletter…? Only one way to find out!

The short-story writing course: Through your donations and support, we secured 30 young writers spots on an upcoming short-story writing course (more information to come)! Applications for these places will open soon, as well as regular booking slots. Stay up to date through our newsletter and Twitter to be the first to know.

The audiobook: This has taken a backseat while we ensure all the rewards are fulfilled, and that you wonderful backers get your hands on the paperback and ebook, but we’re incredibly excited to get the ball rolling. Watch this space for more information!

The digital bundle: Some of our backers may be wondering what happened to those digital bundles – they’re on their way! We’re sorry for the delay and hope to get these out within a fortnight. We promise they’re worth the wait!

Thank you all for your patience as we get your rewards out, and for your continued support throughout and beyond the campaign! Remember to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and sign up to our newsletter for all the latest Ink & Locket news.

Amelia and Antonica
Ink & Locket Press




Warriors of generous souls, look at what we’ve done!

In the past month:

  • You helped us raise £7053 – that’s £4053 more than we were aiming for!
  • You gave us the funds to produce an audiobook version!
  • You sponsored 25 writing course spots for young, marginalised voices.
  • The 284 of you helped us donate a LOT of books to schools, libraries and organisations – we will let you know the final number when the dust has settled.

You have been an absolutely amazing support throughout the campaign, and we are eternally grateful for each and every one of you.

The book will be up and ready for preorder sometime in January, and everyone who backed the campaign will get their copies first!

But, before that, we’re going to take a few days off and enjoy the holidays with our families!

Thank you so much to each and every one of you. You blew our socks off!


Amelia and Antonica

Ink & Locket Press


Did you hear about the campaign too late, but would still like to buy the book? Sign up for our newsletter and we’ll let you know when it’s ready to preorder!

Do you want more information, to donate a number of books or have any questions? Feel free to get in touch with us through the Kickstarter message system, or through our website.

Final 33 hours of Kickstarting!

Our most wonderful WARRIOR anthology has, as we write this, 33 hours left on Kickstarter, and we’ve been interviewed for a Norwegian LGBT magazine!

The campaign has already surpassed our wildest expectations; our stretch goal of donating free writing course spots to young underrepresented voices has already secured 20 young writers a place! 20! And we still have time to go!

It’s not too late to get in on the action: You can support the project by visiting the Kickstarter, buying a book for yourself or someone you love, donating a single pound to the cause for some instant karma, or by letting people in your network know about the campaign.

We are so grateful for all your help in making this campaign fly! You are all golden.

Author interview: Claudie Arseneault

When Claudie Arseneault saw our call for submissions for WARRIOR, she wanted to write about LGBTQIA characters who weren’t romantically involved. In her story Seida the Fairy-Troll, the main character is a lesbian and her best friend is aromantic and asexual.

Claudie Arseneault, author of Seida the Fairy-Troll

Claudie Arseneault, author of Seida the Fairy-Troll

‘Their respective queerness isn’t important to the plot itself,’ Claudie says. ‘It’s more a case of LGBTQIA characters starring in their own stories.

When we sat down to plan WARRIOR, we knew we didn’t want all the stories to focus on romance. In many people’s minds, being queer is still something entirely sexual rather than a small part of a larger identity, and this is often how queer characters are represented. But, as rare as it is to find non-romantic LGBTQIA characters in media, it’s far rarer to find characters who don’t feel romantic or sexual attraction at all. And this is exactly why they’re important, according to Claudie.

‘I really wish there had been any kind of asexual or aromantic representation during my youth. Mainstream storytelling taught me that only robots didn’t have desire and that only villains didn’t love. No wonder I found myself rooting for the bad guys so often! No one should have to go through their formative years thinking they’re broken or condemned to tragedy.’

If Claudie could go back in time and give her 15-year-old self the perfect short story, she says it would have to be a tale featuring an ‘aromantic, asexual science girl who solves mysteries based on Québec’s folklore with her winged cat companion’. Besides this sounding like an awesome story, Claudie says a clear aromantic and asexual protagonist could have saved her ‘some serious sads’.

"Fairies are meant to fly—to zip around, looping and twisting, buzz-buzz, look at my pretty shimmering wings, or something." - Seida the Fairy-Troll by Claudie Arseneault

“Fairies are meant to fly—to zip around, looping and twisting, buzz-buzz, look at my pretty shimmering wings, or something.” – Seida the Fairy-Troll by Claudie Arseneault

She was attracted to the WARRIOR project because it looked fun: ‘I loved how the call allowed a wide range of stories. I’m a novel-writer by nature, but calls like these are enough to make me set aside the longer form and enjoy myself with shorts.

‘I love being in projects with other writers and editors,’ she adds. ‘Being edited by a skilled editor is always such a joy. You learn a lot from it.’

In addition to writing novels like her post-apocalyptic Viral Airwaves, Claudie is passionate about squids and all other cephalopods, and is a freelance editor. Last year, she edited an anthology of dragon-filled solarpunk short stories with writer and friend Brenda J Pierson. And we are really lucky, because Claudie has offered her editorial skills to you through our Kickstarter!

For the £50 “Warrior of the mighty pen” perk, Claudie will help you with your sci-fi/fantasy short story! In addition to her feedback and guidance, you will receive the WARRIOR anthology as an ebook – for inspiration purposes.

WARRIOR, a collection of LGBTQIA short stories

If you want to support WARRIOR and read Claudie Arseneault’s story, check out our Kickstarter campaign.

You can read more about Claudie on her website, check out her novels on Goodreads and connect with her on Twitter.

Author interview: Natalie Cannon

One of the writers set to debut her fiction writing in WARRIOR is Natalie Cannon. She is currently working towards earning her Creative Writing MFA at Fairleigh Dickinson University, as well as ‘gaying everything up and smashing the patriarchy’. That’s our kind of writer!

Natalie Cannon, author of Howl

Natalie Cannon, author of Howl

Natalie’s story, Howl, started out as a dream. She dreamt she was a werewolf and woke up with sore legs after an intense rooftop chase. She stored the images in her head and the idea eventually ended up as Sherlock fanfiction. From there, it was transformed into an original work, one day when she needed a last-minute short story for a Creative Writing class, before finally making its way into the WARRIOR anthology. What a journey!

But Natalie’s way into this anthology began even earlier.

‘I’ve been a huge sucker for ladies in armour since the age of twelve,’ she says. ‘A question that twelve-year-old me grabbed on to was whether I wanted to be Joan of Arc or meet Joan of Arc and, since I’m Catholic, I settled on making her my guardian saint. Moving forward, I wrote almost exclusively LGBTQIA stories. The WARRIOR project is a perfect intersection of my interests – although the armour has turned into werewolf fuzz.’

"I'm boneless and floating and nothing is real, not even Rafe, not even the fire." – Howl by Natalie Cannon

“I’m boneless and floating and nothing is real, not even Rafe, not even the fire.” – Howl by Natalie Cannon

Neither of the main characters in her story are meant to be read as straight; one is a lesbian, the other a genderfluid pansexual. As with the other stories in WARRIOR, though, the gender and sexuality of the characters are not the main focus of the plot. Natalie thinks it is important that young people can find stories about characters with different identities and experiences than what is considered the default.

‘Being a teenager is like being trapped in a time-warped identity crisis while someone screech-sings creepy opera in the background,’ she says. ‘It’s a time when life experience is low, but knowledge level is very high. Teens and young adults are searching for life’s possibilities in a dizzy panoply of choices, testing to see what they can and can’t do, trying to decide who they want to be. It’s not only important, but also a responsibility for those older to show them every possibility and encourage exploration. Stories do this.’

Although this will be Natalie’s first published short story, she has previously had three poems in print.

‘They were about the frustrations of studying history, a weird painting that got the Gilligan’s Island theme song stuck in my head and metaphorically setting myself on fire,’ she says.

WARRIOR, a collection of LGBTQIA short stories

If you want to buy WARRIOR and read Natalie Cannon’s story, or donate copies of the book to your local school or library, remember to check out our Kickstarter campaign.

You can connect with Natalie on her Twitter (and possibly pester her for copies of her poetry).

Kickstarter update: We’re on the “Projects we love” list!

Six days in, and a almost a third of the way to our goal! Not only that, but today we’re on Kickstarter’s “Projects we love” list! Who would have thought?

Well, we did! Why?


  • This book is for an audience that’s longing for it
  • Many of us know LGBTQIA youth who would love a book like this (or indeed, used to be LGBTQIA youth who would have loved a book like this)
  • People who come across our campaign are excited about the opportunity to donate books to schools and libraries. In fact, many of our backers have pledged large sums for lower level rewards, which makes it possible for us to donate even more books!
  • Everyone loves a special-edition hardcover!

So many of you have helped us spread the campaign by sharing it in your networks. Thank you so much! When we get to 50% funding, we will announce our first exciting stretch goal. The sooner we get there, the more likely it is that we’ll reach it, so all your help is propelling us forward.

Thank you!

Antonica and Amelia
Ink & Locket Press