Chapbooks – we’re so, so, so excited about chapbooks!

In just a month our first call for chapbook submissions will open. And we are so excited!

We love good poetry, and sometimes even bad poetry (spoiler alert: one of our commissioned first works is actually really bad poetry, and it’s beautiful – we can’t wait to share it with you!), certainly spontaneous poetry, heartfelt poetry, children’s poetry – you know… poetry!

But our chapbooks don’t have to be exclusively poems. We would love to see submissions for chapbooks filled with thrilling micro-fiction, or maybe even a very very short short story? Your chapbook could be…

– A collection of poems
– A collection of microfiction stories
– A combination of the two
– A super short short story
– A one-word-a-page microfiction story
– A wordy treasure hunt
– A two-ingredient cook book (what do we know?)
– An ode to bread
– Something else entirely

Our chapbooks are up to 54 pages long, A6 format, and we’re looking to publish at least 4 a year. Hopefully more.

We like image-heavy, clever-with-words, exciting, interesting, beautiful texts with meaning. We are all about diversity in publishing, and would love to hear your story in chapbook format – no matter what walk of life you’re from.

Check out our submission guidelines and send us an e-mail with your ideas?
What will your chapbook be?

What do you think?

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